Jon’s Gourmet Veggie Burgers

Jon's Gourmet Veggie Burger

Jon's Gourmet Veggie Burger

I wasn’t feeling that well yesterday, so Jon decided to take care of me by making dinner! Although he’s a very talented eater :-), he doesn’t often cook so this was a special treat. He decided to make his gourmet veggie burgers with some potato chips and a salad.

Jon started off by marinating the burgers in a sweet/spicy BBQ sauce, which makes them much more flavorful and very moist. He sliced some onions, coated them with a little olive oil and grilled them until they were soft and flavorful. Then Jon put the buns (very thin, whole wheat sandwich buns) on the grill along with the burgers.

Side Salad

Side Salad

While everything was grilling up, he put together a nice side salad with some fresh romaine lettuce and some baby tomatoes. This was topped off with a homemade dressing made with peach balsamic vinegar and blood orange olive oil (both from the EVOO Marketplace).

After everything was done grilling, Jon assembled the burgers. Each burger got the sliced grilled onion and pickle slices. Jon’s burger also got regular mustard and vegan cheese, while mine was topped with horseradish mustard. Served with a few chips on the side and followed up by a root beer float made with soy ice cream, it was a delicious dinner that made me feel well taken-care-of!

Great Veggie Burgers Made by Jon

Great Veggie Burgers Made by Jon


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