Thai Coconut Soup

I love this spicy and refreshing soup…it is light enough for the summer, but warm and spicy enough to also be great in the winter.

I started off with some ginger, green onions, lime zest, diced chili peppers, and sliced lemongrass sautéing in a little canola oil. Once this mixture was heated up and releasing its yummy aromas, I poured in some veggie broth and light coconut milk to make the soup base. I let this simmer together for a while to infuse the flavors together.

The soup base is so fragrant you could almost eat it on its own! But, I like soup that had more substance so next I added lots of veggies. Carrots and red pepper went in first, followed by broccoli. Sometimes I will add a veggie chicken substitute which really absorbs the flavors of the broth nicely. After the veggies are cooked, I finish the soup with some bean sprouts and a little squeeze of lime for freshness. Yum!



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