Wontons in a Ginger-Soy Broth

Last night I felt like making an “involved” dinner, so I decided to make veggie and seitan stuffed wontons in broth, with sautéed bok choy on the side.

I started off by mixing the filling for the wontons. I diced up green onions, carrots, a little red pepper, seitan, and the leaves of the baby bok choy. All this got mixed together with salt, pepper, a little soy sauce, and Chinese five spice powder. If you decide to make these, don’t add too much liquid to the filling or your wontons will be very difficult to fill!

Next came the really time-intensive part–filling and forming the wontons. Fortunately, I had some good entertainment playing in the background! First, I dampened the edge of each wonton skin and then placed a small amount of filling in each one. Then I folded it over to make the shape of a triangle, and pressed the skin together. Finally, I folded the two corners together to make the wonton shape. After doing this many times, my wontons were all ready to be steamed. I placed them in batches into my bamboo steamer.

While the wontons were steaming, I made the broth out of veggie stock with ginger and a little soy sauce. I also sautéed the bok choy with a little red pepper and sliced garlic. I finished the bok choy with a splash of siracha sauce for a spicy side dish. The wontons were served in a bowl with the broth and topped with sliced green onions. It was yummy and a good treat for a Friday night!



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