Poblano tacos

One of the great things about summer here is all the peppers that are in season at the farmers market. I recently saw a recipe for roasted poblano pepper tacos, and when I saw them at the farmers market decided it would be a great time to try it out.

I started off by roasting the poblano peppers and a red bell pepper under the broiler. Once the skin was crispy on all the peppers, they went into a bowl to steam. After the peppers had steamed, I peeled the skin off all of them. Definitely not my favorite task!

Next, sliced onions went into a pan to cook up. When the onions had gotten browned, I added in some garlic and then the sliced peppers. I wanted to kick the spiciness up a bit so I also added crushed red pepper flakes.

To serve the tacos, I melted a little bit of vegan cheddar in corn tortillas, piled on the pepper mixture, and then topped it all with a little vegan sour cream, cilantro, and green onions. Yummy!



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