Hot Sauce!

I was recently inspired to try making my own homemade hot sauce. Given my love of spicy things and how easy it was, I’m not sure why I haven’t tried it before!

I started off by buying a big bag of hot peppers from the farmers market. After receiving a suitable warning from the farmer “you know those are spicy, right?” I knew my hot sauce was off to a good start. Once I got the peppers home, I washed them off and removed the stems.

The peppers all went into my Cuisinart with a good amount of salt. The Cuisinart did its job of mincing everything together, and then the mixture all went into a glass jar to ferment overnight.

After letting the minced hot peppers sit overnight, I added a good amount of vinegar to the jar. Over the next week, the peppers hung out in the vinegar releasing all their flavor and spiciness. At the end of the week, I used my handy immersion blender to blend together the hot sauce. Jon got to try it out tonight on quesadillas, and said it was spicy and flavorful. I think we are both glad there is a big jar of hot sauce for future meals!



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