Veggie Pot Pie

Yeah! It is fall which means soup season! One of Jon’s favorites is veggie pot pie. I started off the soup filling by sautéing some onions, then adding potatoes and minced garlic. After everything had softened a bit, I added lots of veggie broth, thyme, and, fresh ground pepper. When the soup came to a low boil, I then added the peas and corn, and covered everything to simmer for a while.

While the soup was cooking, I made the pie topping. Normally, I bake the pot pies in the oven with the topping on my mini soup crocks, but I decided to go for a slightly more elegant (and less messy) approach. I mixed up a vegan version of drop biscuits from Joy of Cooking, but made larger versions that would perch on top of the soup.

Once the biscuits were done, the soup was also almost ready. I added some cornstarch to thicken it, plus a little red wine vinegar to add a little sharpness. I ladled the soup into bowls, then perched the biscuits on the top. What a great and comforting fall meal!



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