Semolina dumplings with tomato vodka sauce

This past Friday night I was in the mood to try something new. I had read about these semolina dumplings in Bon Appetite (though under the much fancier name Frascatelli), and wanted to try them out. I decided to pair them with a vegan version of tomato vodka sauce, which involved trekking around downtown collecting vodka and coconut creamer!

The semolina dumplings were extremely easy to make, though surprisingly time consuming…basically you just dribble water into a pan of semolina flour and then fish out the dumplings. Good thing I had some interesting podcasts going to keep me entertained!

After all the dumplings were made, I started the sauce by sautéing minced onion, adding in garlic and chili flakes after the onion was nicely caramelized. Once this mixture was nicely fragrant, I added In the diced tomatoes and the vodka. This all simmered together while I cooked the semolina dumplings, which went onto a plate as they came out of the simmering water. After the sauce was nicely flavorful, I added in the coconut cream, and then the semolina dumplings. It was a fun dinner to cook, and a fun start to the weekend!



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