Asian peanut noodles with miso soup

We were in the mood for some Asian food this week, so I decided to make this noodle stirfry with a spicy peanut sauce, along with some miso soup.

I started off the soup by simmering some water with ginger and soy sauce. While the water was getting infused with yummy flavors, I cooked the noodles and prepped the veggies. I love lots of broccoli in this dish, along with red pepper, green onions, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, and vegetarian “chicken”. The broccoli absorbs the sauce nicely, making it something that even Jon enjoys eating!

I sautéd all the veggies together in some sesame oil. Once the veggies were done, I made the sauce in the pan with fresh ground peanut butter, sriracha sauce, and a little soy sauce, along with cooking water from the pasta to make a creamy spicy sauce. The noodles were finished when everything got mixed together.

I finished the soup by mixing in miso. Once that was dissolved, I put some chopped green onions in soup bowls and then ladled the hot, gingery, miso soup over them. The soup provided a great contrast to the spicy noodles. Yum!



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