Christmas Feast!

Christmas this year was with my husband’s family, and they definitely make it a feast! Everyone in the family helps out with different parts, starting with a delicious breakfast roll made by Jon’s sister Kristy. The breakfast roll is scrambled eggs, mixed with cheese and either veggies (for me and Jon) or sausage and bacon for the rest of the family. It was a fun and yummy way to start the morning!

After the excitement of present opening was finished, the preparations for Christmas dinner really started in earnest. Jon’s mom Kathy had already started the ham and turkey, but veryone pitched in to make all the other dishes: two types of stuffing (one vegetarian, one not), deviled eggs, mashed potatoes, grilled ears of corn, sautéed corn, regular green beans, Italian green beans (sautéed with onions, garlic, and red peppers), rolls, two types of gravy (one vegetarian, one not) and probably a few other dishes I’m forgetting!

While the meal was coming together, other family members got the table pretty and festive. With the large number of dishes, buffet style ended up making the most sense. It was quite a feast!



One thought on “Christmas Feast!

  1. Oh it makes me hungry all over again. Your green beans were a hit with Les and others. He has spoken of then often. I like your stuffing as welll everyone liked everything. Les and I love the whole day, Thank you for all you and Jon did it was a great meal and wonderful day

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