Weekend in Seattle

I was lucky enough to get to visit Seattle recently. While this is always a fun city to visit, it was even better because I saw my cousin, met his girlfriend, as well as spending the weekend with my sister and her husband! We had a great time together.

view of seattle

Emily and I started off by wandering in Pikes Place Market where we spotted this hilarious sign. funny sign 

After exploring some art, book, and trinket stores, we of course gravitated to the flower and food section of the market. 


The flowers there are always amazing, and it was definitely tulip season! Next we found a pasta stand with amazing shapes and flavors (chocolate pasta, anyone?). pasta

 pasta in bins

And of course there were Brussels sprouts, aka “little green balls of death!” brussels sprouts

I love how all the tomatoes and carrots look together. So pretty! tomatoes  


That night, we met up with Tim for a yummy Ethiopian dinner at  Queen Sheba. We had lots of fun catching up over dinner and the frozen custard that followed.

Saturday morning started off with brunch at Julia’s, where we got to meet Rachel. It was really fun chatting with her and getting to know her a little bit! After brunch we wandered to the Seattle Public Library, which is an amazing building. seattle public library

 seattle public library
Next, we took a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. On the ferry we got this great picture of the cousins! 

There were tons of great views from the ferry, and we even managed to avoid most of the rain once we were on the island. seattle waterfront

We had dinner that night at a fun Mexican restaurant, following it up with ice cream. The ice cream was delicious but I was especially impressed by the massive T-Rex painting on the wall. Of course, T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur! (You know you have a favorite dinosaur!) 

 My visit wrapped up Sunday morning with a visit to an amazing overlook in Queen Anne, and breakfast and coffee at a little coffee shop. 


It was so much fun to see Tim, Rachel, Emily, and Rob, and I think we all had a great time together!


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