Spinach “Feta” Pie

Fresh Baked Spinach Pie

Spinach Pie Fresh from the Oven

At the end of another gorgeous spring day, I decided to make a spinach “feta” pie for dinner. The filling for the pie was the inspiration for my homemade spinach ravioli I made several weeks ago.


Spinach Seasoned with Nutmeg

I started with the filling by defrosting some frozen spinach and then squeezing out all the water from the spinach while trying not to send half of it down the drain! I mixed in some nutmeg, salt, and pepper to season it.

Then, I made the “feta” by mixing some white vinegar and salt into crumbled tofu.

Preparing the Spinach Pie

The Best Way to Get Jon to Eat Spinach...Hide It!

Rather than using pie crust, I use phyllo dough for this dish. My favorite is actually a whole wheat phyllo dough. I layered some down in a pie tin, brushing it with olive oil. I have rarely been able to master the art of separating each thin sheet of phyllo, and this time was no exception!

I layered in some vegan cream cheese (which gets all warm and gooey in the oven), the “feta”, and the spinach, topped it with some dollops of the cream cheese, then folded in the layers of phyllo dough.

Spinach Pie Ready for the Oven

Spinach Pie Ready for the Oven

After brushing it with olive oil, sprinkling it with chunky Celtic sea salt and freshly ground pepper, it was ready for the oven! It takes about 25-30 minutes to cook, allowing Jon to get in a little video game time before dinner. 🙂

When it came out of the oven, the crust was browned and crispy and the filling was warm and gooey. A perfect healthy meal for a spring evening!

Fresh Baked Spinach Pie

Spinach Pie Fresh from the Oven

Spinach Pie Served

Spinach Pie Served on My Favorite Dragonfly Plates