Peppermint Bark!

Yeah peppermint bark!


I’m not a big baker (I leave that to my sister!) but I always make at least one treat during the holiday season. This year, I decided to make peppermint bark which doesn’t involve baking at all. Since I normally give all of my holiday goodies away, I didn’t stick to vegan ingredients.

I started off by preparing cookie sheets with wax paper for easy cleanup. Next, I heated some milk chocolate until it was warm and melty, and then spread it thinly on the cookie sheet. While the chocolate was cooling and hardening, I prepared the peppermint topping by unwrapping lots of candy canes, then grinding them up in my Cuisinart. That was noisy!

The white chocolate was melted next, and got a special addition of peppermint extract. I spread this on top of the milk chocolate, topping it with the chopped candy canes.


After the peppermint bark is cooled, it is easy to break it up into bite-size chunks (ok, your mouth needs to be really big) and then put the bark into cute holiday bags.


Tied up and topped with a homemade label, this is a fun and yummy holiday treat!