Tour and Dinner in San Gimignano

Would you believe that after our amazing cooking class, there was more planned for that same day? After the cooking class, some of us took naps, while others decided to go for a walk. I got to enjoy wandering around the villa property with my sister Emily (hermana!).

We met Gina Stipo to spend the evening in San Gimignano. First we went to San Gimignano 1300, an amazing museum that included a reproduction of the town from the 1300’s. We learned all about the history of the town, and especially its towers.


The town originally had 72 towers, which were built as symbols of familial power. Many of the towers were torn down over the years, but there are still 13 standing.


After the museum, we wandered around the town some, visiting piazzas and climbing to the top of a hill to see a view of the entire town and the surrounding landscape. Beautiful!


Before heading to dinner, we enjoyed an apertivo in the Piazza della Cisterna. We tried drinks recommended by Gina, including Spritz (prosecco and Campari) and various little snacks. The Italians never have drinks without some type of food.


After enjoying our apertivo, we headed to an amazing dinner in a small restaurant in San Gimignano. My meal started with stracciatella, which ended up being a shared appetizer due to its size! It was delicious.


Next, both Jon and I enjoyed ribolitta, a Tuscan vegetable and bread soup. Gina taught us how to top it with slivers of fresh onion and flavorful olive oil. Although it is incredible to think that we would have room for anything after all the food from the day, we all managed to save room for at least a little bit of world famous gelato from Gelateria Dondoli.

I love how the little bins of gelato are decorated with bits of their flavoring. Much more attractive than plastic bins of ice cream like you see in the US!


With all the amazing food and activities, it was hard to believe that this was just our first full day in Tuscany! More to come from our Italian adventure. 🙂