Tri-pepper chili and cornbread

We are at my in-laws house for the holidays this year, and one of Jon’s longtime friends came over for dinner, along with his beautiful family. I offered to make dinner for the entire group, and decided to make tri-pepper chili and vegan cornbread.


I started off by making the cornbread using this great recipe from Pickles and Honey. This cornbread is amazing and is liked by both vegans and non-vegans alike! After the cornbread cooled, I sliced it up into big squares perfect for dipping and crumbling into the chili.


I started the chili by sautéing diced onions and minced garlic in some olive oil. After the onion was softened, I added in some ground cumin and coriander, toasting the spices until they were flavorful. Next went in diced tomatoes – lots of them! Fortunately, Kathy (Jon’s Mom) whipped out her electric can opener to help me out, so all I had to do was pour in the diced tomatoes along with the black beans.

While the soup came to a simmer, I chopped up red, yellow, and orange peppers (hence the tri-pepper) which all went into the soup, along with some vegetarian “beef” crumbles.


Since I was cooking for a group, I was very restrained with my use of hot sauce, chili peppers, and red pepper flakes. So that everyone could personalize the spiciness based on their taste buds, I diced up jalapeños and green onions for toppings. There was also shredded cheddar for the non-vegans.


The chili made for a great meal for Jon and his friend to catch up over, followed by several games of Zombie Dice that were lots of fun for everyone!